Relevant Experience

  •  Author of Several Articles and Publications on Islamic Finance and other Sciences, in both English and Arabic
  • Educated in classical Shariah in his native Bahrain and in Mecca under the guidance of eminent scholars such as Sheikh Abdulla Al-Farisi, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Siddiqi, Sheikh Muhammed Saleh al-Abbasi, Sheikh Muhamed Yasin Al-Fadani of Mecca, Sheikh Habib-Ur-Rahman A. Zaini of India, Sheikh Abdulla bin Al-Siddiq Al-Ghumar of Morocco

Quick Details







Date of Appointment:

14 June 2006


Length of Service:

13 Years


  • PhD Islamic Studies, Lahaye University, Netherland
  • PhD in Islamic Law, University of Wales, United Kingdom 
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Comparative Religion and PhD in Islamic Law, University of Wales, UK
  • Renowned Shariah Scholar


Directorship/Relevant Appointments:

  • Nil
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