About the Conference

A complete ecosystem of solutions for companies doing business along the vibrant trade routes in and across ASEAN and China, this event provides a comprehensive platform overview of the exciting potential of a halal market of over 240 million individuals located in the ASEAN region. 

With an increasing regional demand for halal products and services, this confidence serves as a primer on the business opportunities for those involved along the trade corridor between ASEAN and China. The conference will also provide a valuable introduction to the key stakeholders in halal certification and supply chain, with key representatives from government, regulatory authorities, the financial sector and the business community. 

Leveraging the enhancement of historically established trade routes between China and the countries of the region via the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, this conference will provide an overview of the potential of the region’s halal economy,with a focus on Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore as leading hubs for halal trade.

Comprising speakers and roundtables from halal trade and certification bodies, logistics and platform providers as well as leading financial institutions from China, this is a premier event to enable prospective and current participants to learn and current participants to learn and network with counterparts and stakeholders.

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