As the Islamic financial market turns more complex with the multiplicity of financial products and diversity of Islamic asset classes, positioning Shariah advisory within the Bank is not just crucial, but a requirement. Leveraging on CIMB Group’s vast experience and intelligence, our Shariah Advisory team is privileged with first hand insights into major financial activities, including landmark pioneering deals.


The benefits of CIMB Group’s structure and approach differentiate our Shariah Advisory team from other Shariah advisors. Involvement in the development and implementation of a wide array of Islamic financial products and post-approval Shariah compliance reviews has enhanced our Shariah Advisory team’s experience. CIMB Islamic Shariah Committee hosts a balanced mix of local and international expertise from the various jurisdictions, allowing us to provide effective Shariah management and amicable resolution of jurisdictional issues. Capitalizing on these strengths, we are poised to meet our international clients’ business expectations and needs, whilst ensuring adherence to the Shariah principles.


Our Shariah Advisory services present a wide range of the practices within the sphere of Islamic banking and finance, notably:



  • Shariah Advisory on issuance of Islamic securities;
  • Shariah Advisory on Islamic funds and asset management business;
  • Shariah Advisory on Islamic consumer and investment banking products;
  • Shariah Advisory on Islamic treasury products;
  • Shariah Advisory on Islamic venture capital and private equity activities; and
  • General  Advisory on Shariah Compliance matter


Shariah Advisory team is under Shariah Advisory & Governance Department, Group Islamic Banking, CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad.