28 April 2019



Group prepares its people to journey forward together


KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (“the Group” or “CIMB”) has launched its Future of Work Centre (FOWC), aimed at equipping its workforce with essential skills and opportunities to apply them directly, in preparation for a future that will see them work alongside technology such as AI, robotics and data analytics in a highly digitalised environment.   


FOWC is a platform that will facilitate the mobilisation of employees who have been upskilled/reskilled into their new roles in order for them to fully reap the benefits of their training.


This follows an earlier announcement on Forward23, CIMB’s five-year transformation plan which also includes the Group’s RM2 billion investment in technology and data infrastructure.


Group Chief Executive Officer of CIMB Group, Tengku Dato’ Sri Zafrul Aziz said, “CIMB’s Forward23 goal to future-proof the Group requires a strong digital workforce and high operational agility. Our people – our most valuable asset – are key to achieving that goal. Future of Work Centre is part of CIMB’s RM75-million investment to equip them with the skills to support CIMB’s effort in reaping opportunities in a data-driven, tech-enabled world. By 2023, our aim is to have at least 15 percent of our workforce equipped with digital skills.”


FOWC is part of the Group’s cumulative efforts to digitally empower its people. The initiative started in May 2018 with training by the 3D (Data, Digital, Disruption) Academy. Modules offered under the academy are tailored to cater to various competencies, from zero knowledge of the digital world to certification level, and offered in region’s local languages. To date more than 15,000 employees across the region have benefited from these trainings. 


Leadership in the digital world requires skills such as empathy, collaboration and agility to successfully navigate new business models, and unconventional modes of employment. To supplement the technical training offered by the 3D Academy, existing culture and high potential employee leadership programmes at all levels have also been fine tuned to align with future demands. It now includes digital work experience within and outside the group, as well as networking opportunities with business leaders outside the banking industry. 


Employees who have undergone classroom training will be able to apply their new skills and be mobilised into new roles through various programmes and initiatives under Forward 23. In addition to existing mobility policies, employees will also have the opportunity to participate in ‘internal internships’. These internal internships provide employees a safe environment for them to “explore”, practise their skills and gain confidence in their new roles. These will be project-based or temporary placements that may lead to different career options. To supplement internal opportunities, CIMB’s FOWC will also seek external placements that will provide its employees with exposure beyond banking. As such, employees could have a taste of, appreciate and consider different career options. The intention is to encourage people to explore new opportunities and be more open when charting their career paths.


As a whole, FOWC supports the sustainability of CIMB Group’s business and enables its people to weather changes in the age of disruption with transferable skills that will remain with them.

Tengku Dato' Sri Zafrul Aziz, Group CEO of CIMB Group