The enduring success of our organisation relies on a strong socio-economic foundation.  As the global transition accelerates, we advocate for a just transition based on the aims of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aligns with our commitment to advancing customers and society.


Through CIMB Group including our regional networks, we invest in projects that improve the economic, environmental, and social well-being of local communities. Through our employee volunteerism, we build connections with the community and earn trust, foster relationships and build loyalty. 

CIMB Foundation​


CIMB Foundation was established in November 2007 with seed funding of RM100 million to implement CIMB's corporate social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives in Malaysia. Its mission is to advance our stakeholders and society in creating long-term positive impacts by championing community-related socio-economic issues.​

The Board of Trustees ensures that funds are properly administered and disbursed according to the Foundation's vision, objectives and areas of focus. The CEO of CIMB Foundation leads a multifunctional team to provide organisational support for the daily management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters. ​

Governance of CSR​


CSR activities and initiatives across CIMB Group are guided by the Group Corporate Responsibility Policy and Procedure, which institutionalises guiding principles and consistent practices across the Group. It specifies the minimum requirements and standards governing the activities, as well as end-to-end processes to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements, and address key risks.​

CSR Framework


CIMB Group has implemented a comprehensive framework for CSR initiatives across its operations. This framework allows for a consistent and coherent CSR strategy aligned with the Group's strategy, while affording the flexibility to focus on issues that are of local significance. CIMB continues to progress towards implementing long-term programmes aimed at bringing sustainable community benefits under the following four pillars, which align with three out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).​