Customers lie at the core of our business. Their trust and loyalty are pivotal for our sustained success as a financial institution. The dynamic nature of customer demands, influenced by technological advancements, necessitates our continuous evolution to deliver both convenient and meaningful experiences. With a customer base exceeding 24 million across the ASEAN region, our commitment revolves around fair treatment, transparency, and comprehensive customer care, which is facilitated by a robust Customer Experience (CX) governance.


Our focus is to provide crucial support to help customers achieve their personal and business goals through reliable and personalised services. In the long-term, we aim to prioritise our commitment to responsible marketing, fair dealings, going the extra mile, and consistently delivering relevant, competitive products and services.


Customer Experience Governance​


The CX team is an independent unit within Group Strategy and Group CEO’s Office. The Group CX Management department recalibrates the customer experience agenda to meet changing needs, while following Group CX Policies and our regional operating model. The Group Transformation Committee, chaired by the Group Chief Executive Officer, provides regional oversight and strategic direction, and helps strengthen CX through internal synergies and best-in-class practices. CX Oversight Meetings are hosted to drive the implementation of CX priorities, programmes, and improvement across the region.​

Committed to Treating Customers Fairly


We value the relationships we have with our customers, and are committed to strengthening our connection on the basis of trust. We embed six Treating Customers Fairly outcomes in our processes and through our actions.​

Measuring Customer Experience​


We strive to be a leader in customer service and experience among ASEAN financial institutions, and use multiple channels and touchpoints to gather customer interaction and experience data across our value chain. Collectively, the insights are used to design initiatives that drive positive customer outcomes and create stronger brand affinity.

  What we measure How we measure

Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance

A consolidated dashboard of more than 100 vital indicators encompassing fulfilment levels across key channels, products and systems, tracked on a monthly basis to ensure we meet basic customer expectations.

Examples include customer's time spent at branches and our call centre, product application turnaround time and digital uptime.

Customer Satisfaction Score
An in-house platform to track service experience and perform recovery across key physical, voice and digital customer interaction channels, supplemented with ad-hoc research or surveys to facilitate business decision making.
Strategic Net Promoter Score (NPS) An annual Group wide Customer Engagement Survey to gauge where we stand relative to our key competitors from a total banking relationship standpoint.