The future operating model for banks will rely on digital technology that will make banking services more efficient, convenient and accessible. As more digital banks and other digital financial services players are established across the region, the larger number of players results in a more competitive and innovative marketplace. Banks will need to focus on customer experience, be more agile and open to innovation, and provide more tailored products and services to meet customers’ changing needs. We are accelerating our digital agenda, and our focus on creating business models built around digital customer engagement in order to operate more efficiently, and improve our competitiveness. ​

Technology and Data Governance​


Our digital agenda is led and enabled by the Group Technology and Data Division, with oversight from the Group Transformation Committee on strategic initiatives, and the Board on key strategic matters. The Group Technology and Data teams also provide quarterly updates to the Group Operational and Resiliency Risk Committee and bi-monthly updates to the Board Risk and Compliance Committee.​

At the operational level, technology governance focuses on delivering governance capabilities such as Policy and Guidelines, Risk Control and Assurance, Quality Assurance and Audit Management, while ensuring compliance with policies and procedures. We adhere to the Financial Services Industry Standards, as well as the local regulatory policies and procedures in the regions we operate in, including technology risk management requirements. ​

Prudent and Cautious Adoption of New Technologies​


CIMB has articulated its updated "Journey to the Cloud" as a strategic roadmap and risk management plan. This phased approach has taken into consideration the successful pilot and early adoption of cloud platforms and services for non-customer/personal data and non-critical systems. We have embarked on several projects to deploy services and products via cloud-based solutions in an incremental manner. This will ensure that our data and systems are ready for customers to continue enjoying our services in a safe and secure manner. ​

CIMB also continues to progress in developing our approach to ethical AI adoption. Our overall approach and progress evolves and aligns with emerging regulatory guidelines. In Malaysia, we have responded to various surveys and drafts from both financial and communications authorities. Our controls and governance approach assesses and tests models which are aligned with the industry. We currently do not permit, analytical and operational AI models to function without human oversight and intervention.